About i3S

Institute for Research and Innovation in Health

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an integrative institute inspiring people to design a healthier future

i3S – Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde, University of Porto

The i3S Association merges three institutes and researchers from several schools of the University of Porto (UPorto), thus consolidating an extensive collaboration between all institutions spanning many years.

The long-term collaboration between IBMC, INEB and IPATIMUP – the three founding institutes of i3S – encompasses joint projects, co-supervision of PhD students, sharing of large equipment and employment of research staff under coordinated policies. Six schools of the UPorto (FMUP, ICBAS, FMDUP, FCUP, FEUP and FFUP) and three hospitals (CH S João, CH Porto and IPO) also contribute to the activities of i3S. This wide participation of schools, research institutions and hospitals in a research institute is unique in Portugal and it is a valuable asset for science and technology development, while creating an environment that feeds real breakthrough research and translation of discoveries into the clinic. The building where i3S is headquartered, still fairly fresh as it was completed in 2015, is also a key element in the creation of this vibrant environment.


This intricate network that is i3S focuses on three Integrative Programs: Cancer, Host Interaction and Response, and Neurobiology and Neurologic Disorders.

The purpose-built building includes all the core and research facilities necessary for developing research work at the highest standards, while also allowing close proximity between all research groups, as well as sharing resources and expertise, thus nurturing an intrinsically collaborative environment. This multidisciplinary research structure and community-based, integrated science led i3S to become the largest research institute in Portugal in the health sciences, effectively designing solutions for Biomedicine and Health needs.