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NCBio ERA Chair
Neural Cell biology

We are currently assessing the candidates to taking over the NCBio ERA Chair. Following a demanding and rigorous 6-month process, we will now select one out of five candidates who have shown to have the necessary drive, competence and ambition to join i3S as an ERA Chair Holder and establish a new research group in the field of Neural Cell Biology.
Additionally, the recruited NCBio group leader will have an active role in:
  • Expanding the potential of PN&ND research groups in cooperation with the Research and Innovation unit;
  • Upgrading existing doctoral programmes through the creation of Neural Cell Biology courses;
  • Creating and coordinating the Neural Cell Biology Stakeholder Hub that will promote the relationship of PN&ND groups with key industrial, clinical and patient representatives, and policy-makers.

In short, the ERA Chair Holder is assigned with expanding, both in extent and reputation, the field of Neurobiology at i3S by supporting institutional structural changes towards excellence and sustainability. This will strengthen the i3S position as a prominent biomedical R&I institution in Europe.

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ERA Chair holder
offered conditions

As a highly relevant contributor to advance the i3S strategy on Neural Cell Biology, NCBio will offer the conditions for the ERA Chair Holder and Team to thrive:

  • 5-year contract as Research Coordinator, research equivalent to Full Professor, with an internationally competitive salary;
  • Relocation expenses, along with support concerning housing, legal/immigration issues, spouse’s employment, kindergarten/schooling, etc;
  • 250 thousand euros in seed money in the first year of operation for the group’s research activities and to cover initial operational costs;
  • Total scientific freedom including the selection of a research team (four additional researchers - 2 at the Associate Professor level, 1 Postdoctoral Fellow, 1 Technician) paid directly by the NCBio project throughout its course;

At i3S, a dynamic institution with a rich ecosystem, the ERA Chair Holder will find every condition to thrive as an individual, as a team leader and as a key contributor to breakthroughs in the field of Neural Cell Biology and, overall, to a large scientific structure ever in pursuit of excellence.


ERA Chair holder
conditions to apply

The selection committee is looking to recruit a senior researcher with an established international reputation in Neural Cell Biology and strong expertise in securing, managing and leading collaborative research projects and teams / institutional units.

Admission requirements include:

  • PhD degree obtained at least 10 years before application;
  • Established international reputation based on research excellence in the field of Neural Cell Biology;
  • Strong record of publication of influential papers;
  • Large experience in leading research groups;
  • Proven track-record in securing and managing significant funding;
  • Experience in establishing collaborative relationships with relevant industry R&D stakeholders;
  • Track-record in workshop and conference organising committees and delivering invited talks;
  • Ability to make a positive contribution to research and development through collaborative projects and consortia with relevant industry research or development groups;
  • Capacity to identify research problems and opportunities within the area of expertise, developing a strategic vision on the future of the research field, and recognising the broader implications and applications of their research;
  • Excellent ability to communicate and network with the research community and wider society;
  • Commitment to the professional development of their own career;
  • Availability and capability to mentor and be a role model for other researchers;
  • Ability to foster an innovative and creative research environment.

The successful applicant will be expected to commit to the position for the grant’s full duration.

The recruiting process will be conducted following the Portuguese labor code, and selection criteria that prioritise merit and transparency, as well as a non-discrimination and equal access policy.


Application opening/announcement: 1st February

Application deadline (preliminary): 31st May 2021

Results: no later than 31st July 2021

Estimated start date: September 2021

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