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ImmunoHub ERA Chair
Infection and Immunity

The second stage of the selection process for the ERA Chair Holder is now beginning, six months after the announcement of the position and application analysis. It was a demanding and rigorous process that resulted in the selection of four candidates who demonstrated to be competent, motivated and ambitious enough to carry the ImmunoHub ERA Chair through and, in its course, develop research in key areas of importance to the institute, such as Immune Development, Inflammation, Immunological Memory, Tumor Immunology, Immune Pathogenesis. During the month of July, seminars and interviews of shortlisted candidates will be held, which will result in one successful candidate. The recruited scientist will then form a team to work on these topics, thus closing existing research gaps. By assembling an exceptional core team, ImmunoHUB aspires to develop an international platform of excellence and innovation in the field of Immunology in Porto.
ImmunoHUB aims at fostering our international competitiveness and attractiveness in terms of research, quality of publications, innovation, successful fundraising and advanced training.
The ERA Chair Holder and team will benefit from the existing critical mass and from our scientific, managerial and administrative structures.
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ERA Chair holder
offered conditions

As a highly relevant contributor to the advancement of the i3S strategy on Infection and Immunity, ImmunoHub is prepared to offer the conditions for the ERA Chair Holder and team to thrive:

  • 5-year contract as Research Coordinator, research equivalent to Full Professor
  • Group leader position at i3S
  • Human resources: salaries for 3 researchers, 2 technicians and 1 project manager
  • Laboratory space for up to 10 team members
  • €200.000 for small equipment
  • €200.000 start-up package
  • Temporary free access to i3S platforms
  • Allocated funds for meeting attendance and travelling
  • Allocated funds for relocation and support concerning housing, legal/immigration issues, spouse’s employment, kindergarten/schooling, etc


ERA Chair holder
conditions to apply

The selection committee welcomes applications from candidates fitting the following requirements:

  • Consolidated experience as Independent Researcher in Immunology
  • Competitive CV and proven record of effective leadership
  • Renowned international reputation in the area of Immune Development, Inflammation, Immunological Memory, Tumor Immunology, Immune Pathogenesis
  • Experience in securing, managing and coordinating international projects
  • Excellent science communicator and experience in Mentoring Young Scientists
  • Experience in post-graduate teaching at the MSc and PhD levels

The successful applicant will be expected to commit to the position for the grant’s full duration.

The recruiting process will be conducted following the Portuguese labor code, and selection criteria that prioritise merit and transparency, as well as a non-discrimination and equal access policy.


Application opening/announcement: 1st February

Application deadline (preliminary): 31st May 2021

Results: no later than 31st July 2021

Estimated start date: September 2021

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