ERA Chair


ERA Chair

With the applications now closed, we begin the new stage of the selection process with the careful evaluation of all received applications. Once this is finished, the candidate who shows the necessary drive, competence and ambition will be invited to join i3S as MOBILIsE’s ERA Chair Holder and establish a new research group in the field of Molecular Bioengineering.

The new internationally competitive group will focus its activities on precision medicine technologies, namely in molecular-targeted diagnosis and therapies. This new group will also create and dynamise the MOBILIsE hub, a synergic and cohesive research environment among key stakeholders (academy, research institutes, clinicians, and industry) in the Porto region.

In short, the ERA Chair Holder is assigned with expanding, both in extent and reputation, the field of Molecular Bioengineering at i3S by supporting institutional structural changes towards excellence and sustainability. This will strengthen the i3S position as a prominent biomedical R&I institution in Europe.


MOBILIsE ERA Chair Holder
Offered Conditions

We are looking for an established researcher with an international reputation to lead new research avenues in Molecular Bioengineering, mostly focused on precision medicine technologies, namely in targeted therapies and molecular diagnosis. Senior scientists looking for a tenure-track position in Molecular Bioengineering and fitting the requirements are invited to apply. The selected MOBILIsE ERA Chair Holder will have full freedom to make appropriate resource allocations as leader of a new research group, as well as the following conditions to conduct their work:

  • 5-year contract as Research Coordinator (equivalent to Full Professor), the highest-level in the Portuguese research career path;
  • Autonomy to select their team members and budget to hire 4 additional researchers (1 Assistant Researcher, 2 Post-Doctoral Researchers and 1 Technician);
  • Dedicated Project Manager;
  • Laboratory space for the new ERA Chair research group;
  • Seed funding (225k euros) to launch the group's research activities;
  • Allocated funds for meeting attendance and travelling;
  • Access to state-of-the-art research facilities;
  • Administrative support concerning housing, legal/immigration issues, spouse’s employment, kindergarten/schooling, etc.

The ERA Chair Holder may be considered for a permanent position based on performance evaluation.



ERA Chair holder
conditions to apply

The selection committee is welcoming applications from candidates with:

  • Excellent scientific track-record, demonstrated through the quality and relevance of their publications;
  • A 5-year experience, at least, as group leader and proven leadership abilities in the recruitment and supervision of a scientific team comprising high-achieving researchers;
  • Motivational and teaching capabilities, demonstrated through their capacity to recruit talented postgraduate students and to participate in advanced training programs, namely at a doctoral level;
  • Networking skills and ability to establish and maintain relevant international collaborations;
  • Strong record in securing and managing competitive research funding to sustain their activities as group leader;
  • Proven experience in managing research projects and participating in governing bodies.

The successful applicant will be expected to commit to the position for the grant’s full duration.

The recruiting process will be conducted following the Portuguese labor code, and selection criteria that prioritise merit and transparency, as well as a non-discrimination and equal access policy.


Application opening/announcement: 1st February

Application deadline (preliminary): 15 September 2021

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